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Some screenshots from game.

The game contains 10 areas. On each of them, there are three survivors. These people are waiting for your help. Get them. For each survivor you will get one point. You will need points to move to the next levels. 1-5 are levels where the undead are easily measurable and can be defeated for a persistent beginner player. 6-9 are levels for players who are able to drive and shoot at the same time. The last 10 level - final, requires a lot of experience and perseverance.

Levels 1-10

Free ride

There is a part of the area for exercises on jumping platforms and a path for learning to drive between obstacles, and for practicing shooting to set targets on the road.


Action game

Do you like challenges?  If so, then this game is for you !!!

As a soldier and driver of a jeep armed with a cannon, collect the survivors from the hordes of zombies and various creatures, and take them to a designated point.
Ten missions are prepared in various areas: volcano, mountainous, forest, desert, day and night.

Codename Zombie Driver



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